Nonton Film Horror Indonesia Toilet 105

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Dilİngilizce [English]
The toilets owned by SMU Bina Persada are always fragrant and clean, so the favorite is not only students but also other 'inhabitants', spirits. Okta (Ricky Harun), Ical (Lionil Tikoalu), and Rio (Rizky Putra) are students who always get terror from the 'inhabitants' of the toilet. And the terror was intensified when Bina Persada High School new students arrived, Marsya (Coralie Gerald). The citizens of the school more often see the appearance of body pieces. The school guard (Aming), favorite teacher (Indra Birowo) to the most grumpy teacher (Suti Karno), all feared with the terror of the 'watcher' toilet. Eventually, Marsya realized that she was the target of the demon of this toilet boy. He must finish a grudge, if Marsya does not want to be constantly terrorized by the demon.