Nonton Film Horror Indonesia Kuntilanak 3

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Dilİngilizce [English]
Darwin, Asti (Imelda Therine), Herman (Reza Pahlevi) and Petra (Laura Antoinette) went to Ujung Sedo Village to find two of their missing friends: Stella (Laudya Cynthya Bella) and her fiancee. On the way, they meet with Samantha (Julie Estelle) who has a mysterious private mission at Ujung Sedo: looking for Princess Mbah, the creator of Durmo caller kuntilanak. Samantha's mother, Mega (Ida Iasha), told Samantha to find an old dukun in Ujung Sedo who could pull out the wangsit. However, the old dukun had other evil plans that threatened everyone's lives.